Electronic Tool Manufacturers: FEITA Electronics Co., Limited. Is a technology-base company, specializing in Soldering Station, Soldering Tips, Tweezers, Automatic Glue Dispenser, Ionizing Air Blower, Ionizer Gun, and other products development, production and sales. Company sets Science, workers, trade in one, to absorb and train a number of professional technology engineers and marketers, equipped with professional production and testing equipments, supplies Electronic Tools series, Ionizing Tools series, Anti-static Control series products. Since 2010, we have explored the international market, seted up HK Company: FEITA International limited.

British customers to visit our company, examine FEITA products
Customers of UK to visit our company, in advance FEITA foreign trade sales yummy sent them samples: Soldering iron tips, FX-951 Soldering station, M-1000 Automatic Tape Dispenser, FT-983 glue dispenser, Ionizing air blower, Antistatic shoes supplies and needs improvement, we are discussing, technical communication, for our subsequent production, according to the material, there is further improved.
India Guests visiting FEITA Company,examine FEITA tools and Anti-Static products.
April 5,India Guests visited FEITA Company, they checked FEITA showroom samples, FEITA Electronic Tools Series...
FEITA sales have dinner with Indian Guests;
FEITA sales have dinner with Indian Guests; May 14th,2014 India Guests visited FEITA Company, we discussed customized assembly line equipments; they visited FEITA assembly line equipment manufacturing factory, For FEITA plant capacity, the level of quali
Soldering techniques about soldering IC on the PCB
Soldering techniques about soldering IC on the PCB
Now more and more circuit boards using surface mount components, compared with the traditional packaging, which can reduce the circuit board area, easy batch processing large, high density wiring.


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We are the 8th year Alibaba Gold Supplier, Our customers are located all over the world. With our strong and efficeent FEITA sales team, We can guarantee the fast response and excellent service!