PC Desktop Ionizing Air Blower

PC Desktop Ionizing Air Blower

FT-001 PC Ionizing Air Blower
With its new functions of electric shock protection and ion balance adjuster, it makes safer and easier for static elimination. The improved design of removable plastic mask also facilitates the maintenance work.


Small, light weight and portable
Rapidly neutralizes static charges
Variable speed fan with wide range of air flow
Inherently balanced ion output
Ionization indicator lamp
Electric shock protection
Ion Balance adjuster
Power Supply DC24V
Current Consumption 0.12-0.5mA/M
Air Velocity 45CFM-110CFM
Air Flow Chaacteristics 30cm*30cm Area Coverage
Operating Temperature 32F-122F
Body Material Stainless Steel
Surface Finish Powder Coating
Outer Size L 200mm*W 125mm* H 260mm
Ion Balance(Offset Voltage) 0V+/- 10V

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